Our vision

Our vision is to (re)experience our homeland in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings.
Our trips should be a touching and profound experience for you.

Our vision of a protective approach is expressed in the following guidelines:

We stand up for consistent climate protection | Avoidance of unnecessary CO² emissions wherever possible!
fairness before profit | long-term and fair business relationships with our partners | Fair prices for customers!
quality before quantity | touching and profound experiences on our travels | Your free time as the most valuable asset!
Possible versus True | We find that our creation is not an "experimental box" for everything that is possible
take responsibility | conservation and appreciative use of our natural resources

Who are we:

RossAktiv-Tours has been offering covered wagon rides / pilgrimages, family and senior citizen trips for about 10 years, making it one of the first providers of covered wagon rides with a Christian background in Germany. We have set ourselves the goal of offering pilgrimage, pilgrimage and family trips in our Franconian / Bavarian homeland for people with and without disabilities.

Our mission:

We carry out covered wagon trips, which are characterized by their Christian foundation in order to keep the pilgrimage idea alive. The focus is always on diaconal, accompanying service to people.
We see our mission in opening up new spaces for people to encounter themselves, their neighbors and the gospel.
We accompany the travelers in their search for meaning and orientation and lead them in a contemporary way to spiritual places of inner contemplation and prayer as well as to places where the fascination of creation can be felt.

This is particularly important to us:

The human being as part of the divine creation is our focus.

Our top priority is to create a lasting relationship of trust with our customers, because satisfied guests are the basis for our existence. The personal support of our customers before, during and after the wagon ride is the focus of our work.
An attentive accompaniment, the conveyance of the biblical message and an always open ear for personal conversations are a matter of course for us.
Experiencing covered wagon rides with RossAktiv-Tours means experiencing faith in the community and broadening your own horizons.



Our values: We act responsibly!

As a Christian organizer, we attach great importance to responsible and, above all, sustainable action.
Christianity is a question of everyday life. Attitudes towards each other are crucial.

We all carry images within us that shape us and guide our actions.
Our internal and external orientation is evangelical - cosmopolitan and open-minded. Respect is at the heart of everything. Our claim is that you feel our attitude when you are with us.


For us, this deeply anchored thought includes the preservation of creation with all its facets. Treating nature, culture and people with respect is very important to us.
We are committed to sustainable tourism by taking responsibility for the impact of our actions within the value chain. The balance between the ecological, social and economic aspects in all our business areas is of central importance to us. Respect for all of creation is of the utmost importance to us. On our covered wagon trips, the integration of all participants is the decisive factor.




sweet and romantic couple on a sunset 95
Act together

This mission statement is the basis of our socially responsible and entrepreneurial actions.
It clarifies the values ​​and principles according to which we as an owner-managed
Family business and provider of Camino de Santiago trips,
Pilgrimages and theme trips shape our relationships:
to our guests and business partners.
The core of the mission statement is the sustainable travel style, which specifies joint, partnership-based action


Together with our guests

As a living company, the
continuous exchange with our customers is of great importance.
Our guests are our partners and we meet their expectations
to a large extent. Your comments and suggestions for improvement
flow regularly into product development.
This is how customers become fans.



respect nature

respect for the environment

As the market leader for pilgrimages with covered wagons and the first provider nationwide
We are from theological & educational wagon rides
"responsible by nature". When planning a trip
are the avoidance of negative effects on the environment
and respect for the organic