We donate 5% of our profits each year split between these two organizations:

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Create opportunities for social participation!
With each of our trips you support the work
of evangelical youth social work in
West Central Franconia EJSA Rothenburg.


Evangelical youth social work (EJSA) stands up for young people
regardless of origin, religion, nationality and gender.
The goal is the realization of a dignified participation in
of society, especially for people whose opportunities
are blocked due to individual and/or social disadvantages.





Environmental and climate protection
Every trip contributes to climate protection.
We support the work of PLANT-MY-TREE® with our annual donations.
So you can actively participate in the reforestation projects via our trips
in Germany from PLANT-MY-TREE.


Climate change is on everyone's lips.
Forest dieback, rising temperatures, melting glaciers
dominate the headlines. That's why we need climate change
stop - fast. After avoiding
CO² and the reduction of CO² emissions are afforestation projects
in the forests of Germany are a sustainable way to become active on site.