Our slow travel philosophy

Our guiding principle for Slow Travel
Slow travel as a form of decelerated travel reassesses our journeys, in which time becomes the most valuable commodity. So we invite you to move with us at a natural, decelerated pace - on foot and to the rhythm of the horses.

Slow Travel is not a "special" form of travel, but rather a philosophy that begins with the planning of our trips and ends in a balanced daily program that offers our guests the freedom to have a moving experience. We are not looking for records or best times, but take the time for lasting moments and impressive encounters on a journey

Our thoughts on Slow Travel:

I take my time to let a place, a landscape work on me - it's not about ticking off as many stations as possible.
I am happy and curious about encounters with people during the journey.
Keeping track of the time isn't that important to me when I'm driving. I enjoy the moment and my time in nature.
I'm also willing to hold back, to step back a little if my behavior could cause harm to my fellow human beings or to creation.
For see and understand our creation with all its living beings as "token of love" of God
My wish is to preserve this creation, to become one with it and to understand myself as an equal part in it.



quality before quantity

Are you looking for as many trips as possible per year or a moving and profound experience,
that you will feed on for years to come? When planning and carrying out our trips
not checking off as many program points as possible in the foreground, but one
Come along and immerse yourself - let yourself be carried away and get moving.
You get a new perspective on your environment.



time for encounters

It is often inspiring encounters, not least with ourselves, that shape a trip.
A very individual experience, a conversation with a fellow traveler - these are valuable insights that remain and moments with which we grow. With Slow-Travel we take our time to find these treasures.



becoming one with creation

How does this special kind of ride to the beat of the horses feel? What happens to me when I am mindful in nature?
We call it: becoming one. Moments when time stands still and we really feel our surroundings.
It can be something different for everyone: a sunrise or a still and peaceful summer landscape. Simply touching.